The candidate process for the Journal begins at the end of your 1L year, when you can apply for an associate position by successfully completing a Bluebook packet. Bluebook packets are distributed twice a year in May and in August.

We will hold information sessions to give you more details at that time. The school does not allow active participation on a journal as a 1L, but send us your email address and we’ll send you updates and invite you to our next symposium, where you can meet our board and see what we’re all about!

There are four requirements for becoming a journal associate.

1) Bluebook packet
The Bluebook packet contains a number of incorrect citations that you must correct using the Bluebook. It is distributed after finals in the Spring semester, and due back within a couple weeks.
2) A Comment
The comment is a student authored paper on any topic of international law. It must be at least 25 pages, including endnotes.
3) 55 hours of work
All associates must complete 55 hours of journal related work. This can be cite-checking articles, attending events, or help planning and attending the symposium.
4) GPA of at least 2.67