Prospective Students

If you are a 1L looking to participate in the Journal, join us for our Spring symposium, and events held throughout the year! Information sessions are also available during the semester.

Law students wanting to join the journal can begin applying after completing their 1L year. To become an Associate of the Journal the following requirements need to be satisfied:

Bluebook packet
The Bluebook packet contains citations that may or may not need corrections. Typically two Bluebook packets will be distributed, at the beginning of summer and at the beginning of fall. The Bluebook packets must be corrected using Bluebook and returned by the deadline given.

GPA of at least 2.67
Throughout their first year as associates, students are required to complete 55 hours of related work, author a comment and maintain their GPA above 2.67.

After their first year as Associates and once these requirements are completed, Associates can then apply to become Editors and be part of the Executive Board for their second year with the Journal. If an Associate does not apply to an Editor or Executive Board position, they will be promoted to Senior Associate and continue the same work as their first year with the Journal.

Editors, are assigned to work on teams to edit, proofread, cite-check individual pieces or work with associates on their comments. The Executive Board, manages the Journal by reaching out to authors, overseeing the editorial process, managing the Editors, organizing the Symposium and much more.