Santa Clara Law Review’s Board of Editors consists of students who are selected based upon their performance during a three-part candidacy process.

The first step toward becoming an Editor is to complete the casenote assignment. The Board of Editors releases the casenote twice: once at the end of the 1L year, and once at the beginning of fall semester of the 2L year. All Santa Clara students who have completed a year of law school and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible to participate in the casenote. Upon a review by the Board of Editors, all applicants who have successfully completed the casenote will be Associates for the current Volume of the Law Review.

The second phase of Law Review candidacy consists of production work as an Associate. All Santa Clara Law Review Associates must work on the production of the current Volume, and this work is completed during the summer and fall after passing the casenote.

Finally, those associates who successfully complete the production work must complete a law review comment. The writing process begins during fall semester and ends during the beginning of the spring semester. Associates will work with a member of the Board of Editors to receive feedback and guidance throughout the process. Members of the Board of Editors will grade comments after their submission, and only those Associates receiving a passing score will be eligible to join the Board of Editors.

Associates who successfully complete all three components of the candidacy process will become members of the Board of Editors for the Santa Clara Law Review.

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Contact lawreview@scu.edu with any questions.