About This Journal

The Santa Clara Law Review is a legal periodical edited by the law students of Santa Clara University and is the only legal periodical officially sponsored by the Santa Clara University Law School Administration.

The primary objective of the Santa Clara Law Review is to provide an informational tool for practicing attorneys, members of the judiciary, legal scholars and law students. It serves to inform its subscribers of emerging legal trends and developments, and presents new approaches to the analysis and resolution of current legal problems. Each issue of the Law Review contains articles contributed by legal professionals, law professors, and student editors. By providing a quality resource to the legal community, the Santa Clara Law Review enhances the reputation of both the School of Law and its graduates.

This highly regarded journal publishes scholarly works from prestigious authors writing from numerous locations in four editions per year, without limitation as to subject matter.

The Santa Clara Law Review also publishes Comments selected from Santa Clara students serving as members of the Law Review. In addition, the publication includes an annual Ethics Year in Review section.