As vehicle automation technology advances toward vehicle autonomy and vehicles become increasingly connected, the legal community anticipates substantial legal issues and developments pertaining to such technology. The federal government has the power to regulate the design, sale, and use of autonomous vehicles, has expressed interest in doing so, and has provided recommendations for state-level regulations. A few states have recently established laws in an attempt to ensure the safe operation of autonomous vehicles. Moreover, the use and collection of locational and other personal data generated by and required for the effective operation of a network of connected autonomous vehicles presents significant privacy concerns. Such concerns must be balanced against the utility of the generated information in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicle networks and the interests of carmakers and other industries involved in the commercial use of this data. Another concern relating to automation advances is the threat of cyberhacking and cyberterrorism. All of the above factors play a role in the timing of automated vehicle technologies’ implementation.



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