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Winter 12-11-2012


The DOJ and FTC held a workshop on patent assertion entities on Dec 10 2012. This talk gives an overview of the economics, policy of patent assertion entities drawing upon previous and new empirical work. Using pathbreaking, disruptive techniques and capturing economies of scale, PAEs drive down the cost of patent enforcement. PAEs brought 61% of all patent litigations in 2012, representing fewer defendants than in 2011, because of changes in the patent law. 76% of PAE defendants were sued by a PAE that sued more than 15 defendants, and 61% were sued by a PAE that had brought 8 or more cases. These and other details about their business model, practices, and policy concerns are discussed in this powerpoint presentation.


Presentation given at the FTC/DOJ Workshop on PAEs, with Slide #24 added for context.

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