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In his essay "Why In-House Live Client Clinics Won't Work in Romania: Confessions of a Clinician Educator,"' Professor Rodney Uphoff relates that he went to Romania with the notion of "practicing and modeling what we preach' in the United States, but he discovered that this model does not fit the Romanian system and available resources. Professor Uphoff's critique of the feasibility of superimposing American solutions onto Romanian problems evidences a fundamental respect for other cultures and their right to selfdetermination. His essay reminds us to look afresh at clinical curriculum and methods in the United States as well as abroad.

My own observations of the Romanian legal system and of education in that country are largely consistent with Professor Uphoff's description. In this comment, I would like to join his effort to develop alternative approaches to providing Romanian lawyers some of the benefits of clinical education. The approach I propose here is to go outside the law school and use continuing legal education programs for recent graduates to teach lawyering by means of clinical methodology.

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