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The purpose of this bibliography is to bring together a variety of sources as a resource for the attendees of America's Regional Conference on Secession and International Law, sponsored by the International and Comparative Law Institute of Santa Clara University School of Law in cooperation with the Consortium on International Disputes Resolution (CIDIR). Issues discussed at this conference include:

  • Secession in the history of international relations;
  • Right of secession in comparative constitutional law;
  • Secession in present international law:
  • Rules and principles of international law with regard to secession;
  • Self-determination and secession;
  • Minorities, "peoples" and the right to self-determination at the time of globalization; respect for human rights of minorities; participation of minorities in public affairs of the State;
  • Order, stability and political reality in international society: Respect for sovereign equality, territorial integrity and political independence of States; threat to international peace and security; respect for established borders;
  • Peaceful means for the settlement of disputes and conflicts that originate from secessionist tendencies;
  • Secession and the use of force; issues relating to intervention by third States in internal conflicts provoked by secessionist movements; foreign military assistance;
  • Secession in present and future international law: Solutions and interim remedies; how law may be developed so as to meet universal approval among states.



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