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Winter 2007


This article contributes to the discussion of representation of traumatized clients through a detailed case study of the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC). First, it will discuss the issues that arise when students represent traumatized clients. This section will focus on the goals for training effective representation, the importance of such training, and the issues of duty of care and professional responsibility. Second, it will review the mechanics of training and mentoring law students who work with traumatized clients. This section will include a brief introduction to KGACLC and outline KGACLC's case acceptance policy, its early attempts to assist law students working with traumatized clients, as well as its intermediate steps, group sessions, and formation of a "stand-alone" or "podium" course. This article will conclude by discussing new perceptions of the divide between legal representation and psychology, and the promotion of cooperation between and among professionals who serve traumatized clients.



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