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Below are entries in Bradley Joondeph's blog related to this case:

State sovereignty and the insurance exchanges

The justiciability questions

“Commandeering” and the ACA’s Medicaid Amendments (part 1)

“Commandeering” and the ACA’s Medicaid amendments (part 2)

Standing through non-severability?

Metzger and Morrison on Judge Vinson's analysis of the taxing power question

Leave to file amicus briefs in Florida v. HHS

Boehner amicus brief filed

Republican Senators file amicus brief in Florida v. HHS

Amicus brief filed by 63 members of the House

Three more amicus briefs filed in Florida v. HHS

More action this week

And the focus shifts to Pensacola . . .

The severability arguments in Florida v. HHS

Wisconsin joins the fray

Rock chalk, make way for the Jayhawks

Maine, too?

Jensen on the taxing power and the ACA

An interesting exchange on the role of the insurance industry

Plaintiffs in Florida v. HHS move to amend complaint to add six more states

Judge Vinson grants motion to add six states

Florida v. HHS: a preview of tomorrow's decision

No U.S. application for a stay as of yet

Still no application for a stay

U.S. files motion to clarify in Florida v. HHS

Plaintiffs file their memo in opposition to DOJ's motion to clarify

A small kerfuffle between Judge Vinson and the Eleventh Circuit

A scorecard on the taxing power question

Washington Governor Gregoire files amicus in support of continued ACA implementation

U.S. reply in Florida v. HHS

U.S. files notice of appeal and motion to expedite in Florida v. HHS

Plaintiffs respond to U.S. request to expedite, additionally petition for en banc hearing

U.S. files response to petition for en banc review in Florida v. HHS

Former SG Paul Clement to argue for the states in Florida v. HHS

Eleventh Circuit denies petition for en banc hearing

The states' brief and standing

An important shift in the Medicaid argument

Summaries of amicus briefs from Florida v. HHS

United States concedes non-severability of some ACA provisions

Tomorrow's lawyers, in the news for other reasons

Timing and the Supreme Court

The Medicaid question

Washington Supreme Court refuses to order Washington AG to withdraw from Florida v. HHS

Non-state plaintiffs file petition for certiorari in Florida v. HHS

States file cert petition in Florida v. HHS

BREAKING: U.S. files petition for certiorari in Florida v. HHS

The significance of yesterday

Handicapping the questions presented

Chamber of Commerce files amicus cert brief

Another amicus brief

California Endowment files amicus brief

Family Research Council files amicus brief

American Hospital Association files amicus brief

Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence files amicus brief

The questions presented

U.S. files brief

Why the Anti-Injunction Act may not be an attractive "out" for the Court

Name of Court

United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

Name of Case

Florida v. HHS

Docket No.

11-11021 & 11-11067



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