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Below are entries in Bradley Joondeph's blog related to this case:

Some dates to keep in mind

The justiciability questions

Is today the day in Richmond?

Florida nullification ballot initiative invalidated

Raich and the requirement that the regulated activity be "economic"

Any day now in Richmond…

What next?

And the focus shifts to Pensacola . . .

NPR interview with Attorney General Cuccinelli

The current status of Virginia v. Sebelius (and what it might suggest)

U.S. files its notice of appeal in Virginia v. Sebelius

Fourth Circuit dockets Virginia v. Sebelius

Fourth Circuit sets briefing schedule in Virginia v. Sebelius

Fourth Circuit expedites Virginia v. Sebelius, calendars with Liberty University v. Geithner

Why the states lack standing to challenge the minimum coverage provision

Virginia to seek immediate review at the Supreme Court

Virginia files its petition for cert at the Supreme Court

Walsh on the lack of subject matter jurisdiction in Virginia v. Sebelius

A scorecard on the taxing power question

A very quick summary of the order

Virginia's serious standing problem

U.S. BIO due today

U.S. files its brief in opposition at the Supreme Court

Virginia's petition for certiorari scheduled for justices' conference of April 15

Chamber of Commerce's amicus brief

U.S. files reply brief in Virginia v. Sebelius

The United States’ reply brief from Virginia v. Sebelius

Conference at the Court

Why the Court is likely to deny cert

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Court denies certiorari in Virginia v. Sebelius

Six things to look for tomorrow

Fourth Circuit panel announced

Some initial impressions

Order for supplemental briefing in the Fourth Circuit cases

Supplemental briefing in the Fourth Circuit

The waiting game

Some speculation about what is coming from the Fourth Circuit

Fourth Circuit dismisses both challenges on justiciability grounds

A quick reaction to Virginia v. Sebelius

Next Wednesday

AHIP files amicus cert brief

November 10 conference

Response due in Virginia v. Sebelius

Update on Virginia v. Sebelius

Name of Court

United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

Name of Case

Virginia v. Sebelius

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